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If you are reading this page, means that you are interested in this project and you want to know more about it.

I’m glad to tell you ABOUT IT.

All started from the moment when, after 5 years of living in Italy, I realized that maybe it would be the right time to combine the acquired experience of life with the professional one and my various creative abilities and skills into some interesting project. In Italy I worked in the tourism industry with hotels of various types, in the fashion industry and design, as well as in the field of web design and marketing. In Russia, earlier I’d worked in the spheres of theater and cinema, event-industry and advertising, which I still continue to be interested in.

In addition, I love to travel around Italy, to make every time small discoveries for myself… And I really love Italian cuisine, as you probably already noticed… Italian gastronomy, landscapes, art, architecture and cities – there are so many reasons for your inspiration! I think there is no need to tell you about the fact, that this country is an inexhaustible source of traditions, natural beauty and cultural wealth.

Recently, I realized that I like even more to share all these finds. So it turns out that I have something to tell and, what is more important, how. In this way was born the idea of this site.

Regarding the name of blog

This is really simple and transparent.

About it in English means “about this”. In the various systems of international abbreviations IT characterizes Italy. And so About IT is simply about Italy, about traveling around Italy and the “Italian style of life”,  that is so famous all over the world. And here I invite you to make together an exciting trip and to discover what is it!

The author of the blog – Natalia Gerasimova

La vita e’ bella!!!