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This year I’ve been surprised very much to discover the land of Franciacorta. And not only because of the fact that many fabrics of Italian sparkling wine are located in this area.

There you can make a full immersion into the world of winemaking, make tours and walks through the hills full of grapes, visit the wineries, where they are producing the wine with the bubbles (and not only), and get introduced to the secrets of fermentation. Also, you can become a participant of traditional or one-time events and festivals, organized here.

One of them is the Traditional Festival D’Estate Franciacorta, a Summer Festival, which lasts more than 2 weeks and includes a big program of activities, excursions, wine tastings, and conferences. And so, I’ve decided to arm myself with a branded Franciacorta glass and start to explore …

The program of Festival D’Estate Franciacorta is quite extensive. The calendar includes numerous events of a different character:

  • Tours and Excursions to places of cultural and historical heritage. Castles, monasteries, villas and churches, some of them are usually closed to the public and open only during the festival.
  • Sports and enogastronomic tours and excursions, accompanied by specialized guides: walking tours and bike itineraries through Franciacorta and Iseo Lake with the tasting of fresh local food and wines directly at the factories.
  • Performances and concerts of live music in the walls of antique buildings and monuments of cultural and historical heritage.
  • Introducing the leading local producers of wine products and grappa Franciacorta, learning experience on productions, and degustations.
  • Romantic tours on retro-motorbike Vespa or retro-bus along the route Franciacorta.
  • Dinners in restaurants, and trattorias of Franciacorta route with specially created for the festival menu based on traditional products of the territory and author’s plates from Chefs.
  • The final important event of the festival at one of the historical villas of Franciacorta, uniting all the guests, organizers and local producers.

This time I’v participated some of them, such as:

  1. Walking tour through the vineyards along the route of Franciacorta including an excursion to one of the most famous wineries of Italian sparkling wine. Читать
  2. Excursion with a tasting in Borgo Antico San Vitale, the Distillery of grappa and the Historical Monument.  Читать
  3. A tour of the historical Villa – Museum Palazzo Torri Читать
  4. A brunch-picnic with the author’s dishes and wine tasting in the territory of the scenic Villa of Palazzo Monti della Corte in a village called Nigoline di Corte Franca, the big final event of the festival. This is what I’ll tell you about below.

Entering in Palazzo Monti della Corte, at first you found yourself in an immense park with the secular trees, the green alleys, and the vineyards. In the middle of this colorful variety, you could relax and enjoy the best wines and gastronomic delights during all the day.

On a spacious field in the middle of the park, there were numerous stands of leading wineries of sparkling wine and grappa Franciacorta, where you could meet directly each of them and taste the best products at first-hand.

And, of course, what can be the wine tasting without the famous Parmigiano Reggiano?!

In the villa’s courtyard there was organized a pavilion where you could observe a live cooking-show of the best chefs in Franciacorta and after taste all these just cooked, especially for the occasion of the festival, courses. Starting from traditional pizza and polenta to pasta, risotto, ravioli with exquisite fillings and other innovative creations of chefs. All the dishes were selected in a wonderful combination with Franciacorta wines.

Having chosen the plates and wines to taste, you could immediately make yourself comfortable in the cozy garden of the villa at the table, under an umbrella or in the shadow of trees and, listening to the live music, enjoy your moment.

During the day you could also take a part in some interesting cognitive laboratories dedicated to wine and food of Franciacorta area. This time we’ve decided to participate in the Slow Food Laboratory, where we’ve known a lot about this tendency. We’ve had a chance to see the presentation of special delicacies based on local lake fish and to feel like real sommeliers, tasting the dishes from Chef with the different kinds of wine and then expressing the opinion on the best combination of tastes.

Here, in these ancient gardens and saloons of Palazzo Monti della Corte, in this exclusive atmosphere, it’s easy to feel yourself at the center of attention, to become one of the co-authors of the new enogastronomic traditions. Therefore, if you are a passionate admirer of Italian cuisine and Italian wine, I advise you to forget about everything and plunge into this wonderful wine adventure.

The next festival in Franciacorta:

Festival in Cantina 16-17 of September 2017.

Follow our news where we will publish the dates of all upcoming events in Franciacorta.

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