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To visit Hotel ARMANI means to observe one of the main attractions of Milan, the true example of style and elegance in the center of the world capital of fashion. If you want to feel the real spirit and charm of this metropolis, I suggest do it even just once.

Hotel ARMANI Milano was founded in 2011, and now I can’t imagine Italy without it anymore. It’s located in a prestigious building on Manzoni Street 31, in the heart of the famous district of the center of Milan, called Quadrilatero della Moda (luxurious shopping area), just in a few steps from the boutiques of Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga streets, a famous La Scala Theater, Duomo Square, central museums and nightclubs of the city. I think, there cannot be another more successful point for the location in Milan.

During my stay at the hotel, I discovered some details of its conceptual ideology and philosophy. In this district was born and grew up at his time Signor Giorgio ARMANI. Exactly here begins the history of the world famous brand. Exactly here he decided to continue this history by creating this pearl of design and depositing here his personal findings, impressions, numerous knowledge, and experience.

I focused on what I wanted to offer, following my personal aesthetic vision and clear ideas of comfort.

Giorgio Armani

The first thing that surprises when you arrive at the hotel is a non-standard solution of registration. You are entering quietly, and the elegant concierge is waiting for you, escorting you to the elevator and then up to the 7th floor of the building where you can make a check-in in an absolutely calm atmosphere. Or you can choose to go directly to your apartments to make check-in there in an exclusive way. All this is not a casual choice.

During the creation process of this project, the designer had relied on opinions and wishes of many professionals with great experience, friends, and future guests. One of the important and fundamental lines of the Hotel ARMANI concept is the extreme privacy, the intimate atmosphere, in a way that nothing can disturb the guest’s calm even far from home. By request of the guest, the policy of the hotel also implies the possibility of staying and making a check-in incognito. As I told by joking to my manager in hotel: “It’s the best chance to feel like you are a secret agent.”

Another important service from ARMANI is a personal Lifestyle Manager. To minimize the number of your contacts with the staff, when you arrive at the hotel, you’ll be assigned to one of them. The main mission of Lifestyle Manager consists in providing the full comfort of the guest, making all the wishes of the client coming true before, during and even after staying in ARMANI Hotel, as it can be in his private house.

And then you start an amazing trip to the world of ARMANI. I wanted to call it this way, because for me it’s like an incredible tour, in which you can discover anew all the bouquet of sensations:

  • Visual – while watching design findings, original color solutions and light solutions for space;
  • Tactile – in a contact with fabrics and materials chosen to realize these solutions;
  • Sense of smell – in delicate fragrances of collection “ARMANI casa”, filling all the space;
  • Acoustic – in complete noise isolation and refined musical accompaniment;
  • Taste – while tasting the exquisite offers of ARMANI Restaurant;
  • I would like to add to this list one more concept, such as the sense of style. Whatever you do while you are here, it certainly will never leave you.

On the 7th floor of the building you can see also a lounge area, Bamboo bar, and ARMANI Restaurant. Illuminated columns of golden onyx and black marble, the black grand piano, specially delivered here directly from the house of Giorgio ARMANI, such an elegant space for an aperitif, a relaxation or a business meeting, encircled by large panoramic windows with an exclusive view of the Duomo and the central streets of the city.

Unexpectedly one of the mirror walls of the lounge zone dissolves and then you find yourself in the space of the restaurant with the large panoramic walls in front of you, the elegant chess floor and other design elements from onyx and black marble.

Here you start to learn about the new aspects of ARMANI concept and its affinity to a Japanese philosophy, which are revealing through the perception of the 5th non-traditional taste called here Umami. This is a special term, that translates from the Japanese language like “tasty“. What does it mean? Imagine that you are trying not just something salty or sweet, bitter or sour on taste, but feeling a firework of tastes at the same time. And all this is hidden in one minimalistic, refined and elegant form. This is a delicate job, like a work of art, the eclecticism of such different elements as Italian food and traditions of Japanese cuisine. The ARMANI concept let them stay in a perfect harmony one with another, creating every time new masterpieces.

*ARMANI Restaurant is a holder of a prestigious Michelin star.

The corridors and rooms of the hotel can be compared to a magic box. Here there are a lot of dead ends, secret passages, and invisible doors. Everything is so well sharpened and, I can even say, well directed, that you can just follow the scenario and play the game of space.

Creating this project, the designer was following also to the Feng Shui theory the spirit of which is very significant for him. This fact explains many of the features and details. For example, the doors here are without the handles, so that energy cannot “cling” to anything superfluous. And, of course, staying in this environment, you realize that you don’t need it at all. This is a special system of super-elegant minimalism, which was projected in such a way not to irritate with anything, but on the contrary to contribute to a maximum level of your comfort.

Literally every step you do you discover new unexpected elements of design and selection of materials. Like the walls with leather covering in the color of liquid metal, masked entrances to the bathrooms, round lobbies, separating spaces, a simple stand turning by the wave of hand into an elegant ladies’ table.

The main color selection, used in the design, consists of exclusively natural colors: basically gray and beige, their variations and shades, that, in a combination with natural high-class textiles, are forming the highest level cloud of comfort.

Every element, every room has its own “why?”. There is nothing superfluous here. Quite in the contrary, every detail has its own story …

One day, walking by the seaside, Giorgio ARMANI picked up accidentally one of the sea stones. The shape of this stone was so amazing and memorable for the maestro that he decided to give it a new life, skillfully inserting it in some inventions of his art. In this way was born the idea of a non-traditional form of soap, which you will find in the hotel. I cannot refrain from telling also about the curving stairway of ARMANI Casa line, the unique creation for the design of interiors, which you can contemplate now in the interior of the  Signature suite of the hotel.

It is important to note that by the rules of privacy, each guest here can have an access only to the floor with his suite, public saloons, and accommodations. In accordance with the same rules, each room is equipped with an iPad for the comfortable and easy dialog with the manager, ordering a dinner at the restaurant or other services, controlling the light and the air conditioning in the room and much more.


1000 square meters on the 8th floor of the building are fully dedicated to the rest of the soul and body and other aesthetic pleasures:

  • a gym and fitness area, relax zone and the pool with the hydro massage with the sky view, where the louvers are specially designed to filter the sun’s rays, and the gallery of windows around open the fantastic panorama of Milan;
  • 6 rooms for the numerous cosmetic and relaxing treatments;
  • and very unusual special romantic offer – SPA-suite for the couples.

The policy of the SPA center regarding services is also very unusual: the client is booking not the individual treatments, but the time interval, during which he can book any treatment or several treatments he wants.

Among the other numerous services that the hotel provides, especially I remember the “pets friendly” access. For today it is not so common service for the hotels in the city.

Everything here from the design appearance to the treatment of the guest perfectly following the rules: maximum attention, maximum privacy, maximum home comfort in a full accordance with the concept of the philosophy “Stay with ARMANI”.

In other words, the hospitality from ARMANI will turn over your mind, like one day Italian Couturier turned over all the world of fashion haute couture.

*You can book a service in ARMANI SPA, Bamboo Bar or ARMANI Restaurant even if you are not a guest of the hotel.

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