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Vacations in Italy can become not just a chain of gastronomic delights, exhibitions and museums or seaside resorts, but also some exciting sports adventures. So, following the program of the Festival D’Estate in Franciacorta, we’ve made a walking tour through the vineyards of the winemaking zone in Franciacorta with the great organizers of adventures, a team MilleMonti.

Just imagine yourself listening to the rustle of the leaves of vines, breathing the aroma of grapes and wildflowers, seeing the green fields and hills bordered with a mountain chain… And you are crossing boldly by jogging all these spaces, spreading around. You are walking through the whispering corridors, climbing the hills and admiring the views, and the accompanying guide is telling you about the varieties of grape cultures of this area, revealing some particulars of winemaking and the history of the origins of the wine industries on this territory.

During the excursion, the guide is introducing you to the properties of some leading producers of wine Franciacorta and the main varieties of grapes cultivated here.

You following unexplored tracks, breathing the fresh air and sometimes even meeting some farmers on your way right in the middle of the working process.

Following the route, the magnificent views are opening to your eyes from the different points. Nearby small towns, the center of the province – the city of Brescia, the Lombard Pre-Alps and the fabulous Lake Iseo.

The most important part of the excursion is a visit to the production of one of the best brands of Italian sparkling wine Franciacorta. Here the specialists of the company are telling you in details about the processes of harvesting, preparation, fermentation and other steps of wine production. You can also see with your eyes the strange devices and equipment used during production, and find out how and according to which rules does the grape transform into what is called “wine with bubbles”.

Then the experts are driving us to dark and fresh depository with cellars to explain how long and under what conditions the wine will be stored there before being sent to the final part of the production and going on sale.

Well, as we know, all that’s lacking here is only the “great final”! After an interesting journey through the labyrinths of the factory, the best way to finish the tour is, of course, to taste the products! And you are getting comfortable on the cozy terrace of the villa of this ancient borgo and “testing the theory in practice”, enjoying the whisper of the bubbles and trying the best wines, that you have just learned so much about.

So, during this tour we have:

  • done the sports walking
  • discovered the territory of Franciacorta
  • learned the secrets of the winemaking process
  • tasted the best sparkling wines Franciacorta

In other words, this kind of excursion combines a lot of elements and will be the right one both for the lovers of outdoor activities and the curious fans of winemaking. In terms of complexity, both adults and children aged from 6-7 years can take part in. Optionally, a walking tour can be organized in the Nordic Walking technique, where the instructor will offer you special poles and help to learn it.

The total duration of the tour is about 2 hours.

The organizers of tour: www.millemonti.it

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